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promotes restful sleep



  Bathe in these wonder magnesium salt flakes a few times per week to destress or help speed up the body’s recovery after physical activity. Magnesium salt is also known to help relieve conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, and assists in prompting restful sleep 



 Magnesium chloride bath flakes are formulated to certified food grade specifications and are 100% purely natural, unrefined and organic with absolutely no additives. Safe to use as a bath soak, salt scrub, foot soak, combined with essential oils and in other applications 




PREMIUM MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE FLAKES – Completely water soluble, it’s a natural way to boost your magnesium uptake, providing magnesium to your muscles and bone cells more effectively than tablets and powders. 

Magnesium Chloride the crown jewel of magnesium

 Detox, Cleanse and Heal your Body 

DermaBodi Magnesium Chloride flakes are a 100% natural, pure and unrefined way to heal and pamper your entire body and mind. An excellent way to de-stress from a long day at work or use to speed up the recovery period when exercising or any activity where your body feels the need to be regenerated and renewed. Our skins pores are opened by warm water when bathing, so by adding magnesium bath flakes into a bath or foot spa, blood flow will be stimulated allowing the magnesium salt to be absorbed into your body. A 100% natural, pure alternate treatment for eczema and psoriasis too, Dermabodi magnesium salts really are an essential part of your self-care regime.

Easy to use Bath Salts 

Formulated to certified, food grade specifications which results in a 100% organic magnesium salt, these bath flakes are suitable for regular use. We recommend bathing for 15-30 minutes, 2-3 times a week or more often if needed. Please note these magnesium chloride flakes are not for consumption and are to be used for bathing or soaking only.

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